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Hartman Physical Therapy
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 by Rob Fortin
Dwight is The Best

Back in January of 1998, while sailing in the British Virgin Islands, I attempted to weigh, or lift, the anchor back onto the deck of our chartered sailboat. The power winch was broken, so I sat with my heels on either side of the anchor rope, leaned all the way forward, grabbed the line in both hands and yanked.
That began a 15 year journey with chronic lower back pain and sciatica. I had caused a Sacroiliac Separation. Stretching ligaments which created instability in my core. That instability forced the muscles to have to do the work of the damaged ligaments. The pain from that felt like a sword, stabbing into the joint.
I went for shots.
I went to a Chiropractor.
I went to other physical therapists.
I discussed surgical options.
Nothing helped.
At 33 years old, I had to stop doing some of the things that I should have otherwise been able to do, or suffer the consequences. Golf was excruciating…so I stopped. Even bowling. But, at 33 years old, I refused to stop the things that were so important to me. I coached baseball for several years while my son was growing up, ignoring the pain that swinging a bat or throwing a ball would cause. I continued to do yard work, mowing, raking, mulching, planting beds, etc. Paying the price with severe spasms that, many times, left me writhing on the floor later…scaring my wife and our kids. Even the long hours at my desk and commuting were excruciating, but I had to work. I refused to let that injury stop me. I just dealt with the pain.
In 2013, when a bicycling mishap reinjured my back, I had to seek treatment again. My PCP sent me to Dwight Hartman for treatment. Dwight carefully evaluated my injury, testing range of motion, strength, flexibility, etc. Much like any PT would do. But what Dwight did do, that others before him hadn’t, was two things. He crafted a treatment plan that targeted the specific issue, and convinced me the importance of continuing the treatment at home, between sessions.
The results were not instant. It took a few weeks to start feeling improvement. Over time, with regular sessions, and my commitment to doing my “homework”…I started to notice an incredible change in the way I was feeling. The constant chronic pain had finally subsided. For the first time in 15 years, I was pain free.
For the past 10 years, I’ve enjoyed the freedom that comes from being free of pain. I’ve done substantial projects around my house, not the least of which was building a retaining wall (something I never would have tried during the 15 years of pain). I continue to do the exercises that Dwight gave me, and I can tell if I’ve gone too long without doing them, as that “sword” starts to make its way back into the joint. When that happens, it’s back to the gym, and I’m back in business.
I still don’t golf…I wasn’t that good to begin with, so I don’t really miss it. And I still don’t bowl…not a great loss. I don’t coach baseball anymore either, but I can go out and have a catch with my son without fear of the stabbing pains returning. And at 52 years old, I climbed Mount Katahdin in Maine, hiking 10 miles of treacherous trails, including the famed Knife Edge.
I will always credit Dwight Hartman with turning things around for me. His compassionate focused attention to making me better cured me. My only regret is I didn’t meet him sooner.
Rob Fortin,
Hingham, MA

 by Jody
Dwight’s great!

I would highly recommend Dwight! I was experiencing terrible back pain out of the blue about a year & a half ago that was relentless, & Dwight completely saved me. He thought that it was a facet joint related issue, & sure enough after an MRI, found out that was exactly what it was. Dwight treated my back many times & gave me a great deal of relief. He also set me up w/a great stretching routine, & gave me many other suggestions as to how I could make it better. I am forever grateful!! His calm, kind way also is very appreciated especially by someone like me who sometimes worries!

 by Paul Appleton
Amazing PT

Dwight got rid of my plantar fasciitis after 5 treatments....was limping around and am now back running. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of PT. I send all friends and family his way!

 by Mary Neumeier
Highly recommend Dwight and shockwave therapy

I came to Dwight in November, 2022 for electric shockwave therapy after having dealt with severe Achilles tendonitis for five months and having tried numerous therapies, none of which worked. Dwight gave me four treatments, spaced a week apart. He combined the therapy with a set of exercises. After each treatment, the tendonitis became less painful. After the fourth treatment, the pain in the Achilles was gone. Over the next five weeks, the thickening around my ankle has continued to subside and the pain has not returned. Dwight was empathetic, supportive and an attentive listener throughout this process. I only wish I had found Dwight and electric shockwave therapy earlier than I did. Dwight is an excellent PT who I would recommend very highly.

 by Kellie Lynch
100% Satisfied!

I originally went to see Dwight for dry needling. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, his patience and his manner. He did a very thorough examination of my injured shoulder, started treating the shoulder with dry needling and suggested targeting shoulder strengthening exercises. After a couple of sessions, he suggested that shock wave therapy might be the perfect solution to my shoulder pain. I was thrilled that he had that technology on hand and after 3 sessions, my shoulder felt fabulous. I strongly recommend Dwight to any friends and clients who are in need of an excellent PT.

 by Liz Merryweather
Dwight is the best!

I’ve worked with Dwight for a couple of injuries! First, he helped me rehab a torn calf muscle, and later for sciatica and hamstring strain. Dwight’s thoughtful treatment plans and skilled techniques, including dry needling, were enormously helpful in getting me back to doing all the sporty things I love to do!

 by Courtney D.

Dwight is awesome! He helped me so much when I tore my acl and was recovering and doing rehab. He is so friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend his services.

 by Stuart Ivimey
Hartman Physical Therapy

Dwight did a great job helping my 14 year old boy after he hurt his elbow pitching baseball. Very knowledgeable, great with kids. Restored his arm and confidence. Dwight is also a great communicator with parents.

 by Sandy

Dwight is an excellent PT with comprehensive knowledge to help with any injury. I highly recommend Dwight.

 by Bill D.

Dwight has been my "go to" with the older injuries that continue to plague me from my playing days to the more recent ones as I get a little older. The key with Dwight is TRUST and I when I reach out to with questions, he responds with answers and his perspective on what we need to work on to keep me moving. His knowledge and professionalism are unmatched and I highly recommend his services!

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